Cydney Sinclair
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Pandora Road Crew

Pandora Road Crew

Every summer Pandora hosts interns from around the world. As part of the program, I designed a poster to give to each student as a parting gift. 

This year's gift was a poster, conceptually a 'show poster', and I knew right away that I didn't want it to read as just a plug for Pandora. In the spirit of show posters from venues like the Fillmore, I felt that the design should reflect the 'concert' (or in this case, internship program) itself as opposed to the company. It should feel personal to them and, above all, look cool so that they are proud to hang it on their dorm room walls. 

I landed on a design that encompasses the entire program. In the center is the Pandora 'Thumb' and from it 50 dots, each representing one of the 50 interns, radiate out as a metaphor for the knowledge they gain from the company and then take with them out into the world. The dots themselves are also connected, not just to Pandora, but also to each other. The value of an internship isn't just the skills you learn on the job, but also the connections you make with your peers along the way. This web all sits on a circular graphic that is also a part of Pandora's 'Lights', which are placed around the border as a background element. Finally rotating around the web itself and interspersed within it are the office locations as well as the departments which hosted students. 

Role Design
Client Pandora
Art Director Jeff Ho